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Healthy week meal plan

I am writing this for my patients and blog subscribers to give you some healthy dinner ideas for your inspiration. I am not claiming to be a master chef, just someone with a passion for eating real whole foods and keeping it easy. I always advise people when giving nutritional advise to keeps it simple.

People always ask me whats the best diet? What should i be eating?

To this question I always reply. If it came straight from mother earth and can be grown in the ground its probably a healthy food. Try to avoid packaged foods, this includes all tins, jars and boxed food, they usually contain preservatives, colours, flavours or added nasties. Organic or spray free is always best or at least avoid the dirty dozen (blog to follow).

The meals are designed to feed a family of four depending how much you eat. If your like me you make extras to have left-overs but always manage to eat the whole lot that night. The meals have been created to cater to all, for this reason I have made them vegan, however feel fee to add your choice of free range, grass feed or organic produce to your liking.

Cauliflower rice stir-fry.

A very simple dish. Cut 6-7 tomatoes into quarters and place in a boiling pot of water add one onion cut into quarters and two cloves of garlic. Boil all until reduced, approximately 45 minutes, then blend to create a tomatoes sauce. This can be a basic sauce for any meal.

Now you need to finely chop a head of cauliflower to resemble rice and set aside. Cut the following vegetables into cubes to make the stir-fry. You can use almost anything you have in the fridge.

One eggplant.

Four medium mushrooms.

Two spring onions.

One large zucchini.

Two tomatoes.

A handful of string beans (a good source of protein)

Add some coconut oil into hot pan with a little garlic toss in the diced vegetables. Once slightly soft add in the cauliflower rice. Cook all on a medium heat until softened but not mushy. Now you can add your tomato sauce to warm it though. A lovely touch to finish the dish is fresh fruit for example diced mango or pineapple mixed though at the end once off the heat. This gives the dish a yummy punch.

At this point i serve up my toddlers meal. I then often add some fresh chill to mine and my husbands dish before serving. Yum Yum enjoy.


Raw Pizzas


Two cups of Chia seeds with 1 1/2 cups of water and leave until thickened. Any spices can be added to this to give it an extra punch. I often leave it plain as i always leave dinner to the last minute and am rushing ti get it done. Once thickened spread the mixture out onto a pizza tray (not to thin or it crumbles once cooked) and place in the oven until the top is crispy then flip and crisp up the other side.

The left over tomatoes sauce from the night before can be used as on the top of your cooked base.

Cut up the following toppings.

One green capsicum

Four mushrooms (you can have these cooked or raw)

One avocado

One spring onion or red onion

One grated carrot

One handful of mixed sprouted lentils.

Place all the toppings on the pizza cut it it serve and enjoy. A drizzle of homemade cashew cream is delish also. Blog post on how to make coming soon.


Baked vegetables with a side salad.

This ones easy, well most of my cooking is I am no chef I just like to eat real food and keep it simple.

Cut potatoes

Sweet potatoes


Onions (great for detox of those sulfation pathways in the liver)



Place all in one or two baking trays lined with coconut oil and garlic and bake until delish.

Next you need to cut up a large bowls worth of mixed greens. Some great ingredients i like to add to my salads are cherry tomatoes, carrot, red onion, green beans, boiled corn, cucumber, grated beetroot, a handful of cashews, gogi berries and kiwi fruit or mango. Sprouted mixed lentils if tolerated are great protein addition.

Dressing: Olive oil. lemon juice, tahini and apple cider vinegar combined and pour over upon serving.


Quinoa salad with roasted mixed vegetables

Rinse one and a half cups of mixed quinoa and boil until soft and the spines are showing then strain.

Roughly chop a combination of vegetables and bake until golden.

Two Potatoes

One large sweet potato

One small eggplant

One large chunk of pumpkin

Finely cut a large handful of mixed greens, kale or spinach is also fine, add this to the cooled quinoa. Now you can add the cooled roasted vegetables once ready. Cherry tomatoes and spring onions are a yummy addition.

I like to add a mix of different nuts and berries to the finished salad and dress with avocado and plenty of olive oil and apple cider vinegar.


Stuffed sweet potatoes

Bake two whole sweet potatoes with the skin on until soft, then cut them length wise in half, scrape out the inside leaving a little to keep its structure and set aside.

Finely cut one onion.

Four mushrooms.

One small red capsicum.

Two tomatoes

Stir-fry vegetables until soft with a little garlic, chill and rosemary.

Combine ingredients with a little of the soft potato that you had set aside. Fill hollowed out potatoes and bake until golden or until your liking.

Top with avocado and garlic chives.


Zucchini noodles, refer to post best dinner ever.

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