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Iridology for health

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the practice of studying iris fibre patterns and colours. Each body part and organ has a corresponding area in your iris. Iridologists interpret your iris signs to establish how your body is working, what your genetic inheritance dictates and what natural medicines may be the most appropriate to enhance your health.

This is done by examining the iris and taking high resolution digital iris photos, which are then saved for comparison to following photos as your treatment progresses.

What’s the benefit of having an iridology consultation?

First, it will be one of the most empowering consultations you’ll ever experience in your life.

This iris landscape is interpreted by using a magnifying glass and an iris digital camera. As the iris is projected on the screen, and with insightful, positive and therapeutic interpretation, clients’ can instantly learn about a wide range of health, lifestyle and inherited health related factors.

What we can determine with Iridology.

  • Your genetic potential, health tendencies and predispositions

  • Nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues and liver and gall bladder function

  • Circulatory problems and lymphatic congestion

  • Stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue

  • Inflammatory conditions, level of acidity in the body and tissue toxicity

  • Immune system function, blood sugar irregularities and many other conditions

Iris Sign:
Contraction Furrows

Looks like: White-looking concentric rings located in the outer part of the iris.

Physical indications: Muscular and nervous tension.

Emotional indications: Clients with concentric rings need to be surrounded by people who value, recognise and support them.

Acid Wash

Looks like: White film covering the blue colour underneath, making the iris look like blue.

Physical indications: An inherited predisposition to experience inflammation and mucous membranes irritation.

Emotional indications: People that have an Acid Wash tend to be very hard on themselves out of a very high sense of duty.


Looks like: Scattered spots of different colours.

Physical indications: Metabolic congestion that is linked to different organs according to the colour of the spot.

Emotional indications: People that have jewels are usually very organised and have a good ‘eye’ for detail.


Looks like: Milky area to the left of the right side image.

Physical indications: Slugging liver, low fat metabolism and possibly insulin resistance.

Some clients that have pterygium have reported a medically diagnosed fat liver.

What happens during an Iridology session?

The initial consultation takes around 1hr

  • I will work to attain a detailed medical history, dietary and lifestyle check-up and take your iris photos.

  • Discuss what each sign in your iris indicates and what it means in terms of your health and presenting symptoms.

  • Discuss what the best treatment options are so you can start feeling better.

  • A tailor treatment plan will be given to you including diet and supplement advice as well as emotional and spiritual inspiration.

  • I with help and guide you every step of the way giving support between consultations on anything your not sure about.

  • You’ll leave the consultation empowered and connected to a deeper understanding of your health and emotions.

Healing Within - Iridology is registered with all major health funds.

Call to book your session today and start feeling better. 0409 352 492

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