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During an initial consultation you will be asked a series of questions about your diet, this is designed to help us discover the positive or negative impact your dietary choices are having on your health. Once dietary factors have been assessed you will receive advice on changes that need to be made to correct excesses, imbalances, deficiencies and possible intolerances that might be holding you back and preventing you from reaching your goals. 

  • A tailored treatment and meal plan will be giving, including what to increase and what to avoid. 

  • Including what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner including healthy snacks.

  • Recipes will be provided to give you an guide on what is the best way to eat to eliminate your symptoms.

  • Unlike other nutritionists that are unable to prescribe supplements, Rebecca is also a Naturopath and Herbalist so herbs and supplements will be prescribed when needed.

  • Other tests like zinc tally testing, hair mineral analysis, Iridolody, hormone testing, stool and urine testing will be preformed if required. 

Our bodies have subtle ways of telling us that things are not quite right well before we may even know there is anything wrong. The appearance of your tongue and finger nails are observed during a consultation to help guide us in relation to the health of the gut and the mineral balance within the body.

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