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An initial Naturopathic Consultation is 1 hour, during this visit we will ask many questions about your health and your health history including present and past symptoms, lifestyle and diet as well as family history.


Clinical observations are used to determine the health and underlying conditions within the body, for example skin, hair, fingernails, tongue, iris and other clinical testing are assessed to determine any underlying causes of poor health and deficiencies. Using a combination of signs and symptoms the underlying condition/s can be determined and a treatment program is prescribed.

Other tests we do if feel it is required-

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Saliva Hormone Testing

Liver Function Testing

Urine Testing

Blood Testing

What to bring

Please bring any test results you may have as well as medications you are on and supplements you take. We may suggest further testing and are happy to work with your G.P or specialist.


You will go home with some lifestyle suggestions and possible dietary changes if needed and a prescription specifically for you which may be a herbal formula or tablets.

Subsequent Consultations are 45 minutes, we spend this time checking how you are going and perhaps tweaking your prescription, these follow ups are essential to maintain your progress and to suit your changing needs.


Consults can be in person or by phone/ face time/Skype for long distance clients. We are committed to providing the best care and support for you using natural evidence based therapies. All products prescribed are stringently tested and are of the best quality. We use practitioner only products which are not available in retail stores and are of higher more therapeutic concentrations.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health functioning on the four basic principles:

  • First do no harm.

  • Treat Holistically by considering the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each person.

  • The practitioner is the support person: we are here purely to educate and empower, ultimately the responsibility of health is left to the individual. 

  • Prevention is better than cure: At times we may stray from our path but in the long term prevention is cheaper than cure. For this reason regular health checks are advised to maintain health and vitality.

If you are unsure if natural treatments can help with your current health condition please give me a Call, alternatively book my FREE 20 min health assessment online now.

Go to Our diseases page to understand a little more about how we treat your current condition.

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