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What Can Be Achieved With Iridology

Lidia Je Right.JPG

Before Treatment

Right 27-9-18.JPG

After only 3 Months on the Healing Within protocol 

This is Lidia's eyes.

Lidia has given permission for her photos and treatment to be shared. 

This is her story. Testimonial below as seen on facebook.

"I have had huge issues with IBS for 15 years. I got to a point I didn't know what to do. Since Rebecca's treatment I feel so much better in a small amount of time. I had several symptoms from bloating, tummy pain, nausea, headaches, back problems etc. Right now I am not suffering like I was before. Going to Healing Within was the best decision I have made in my life. Rebecca cares and listens to you with all the problems you have. I had a zinc test, iridology and did a hair sample test. I have been put on a treatment food plan and supplements, all this has really helped me heal. Rebecca deserves 10 stars."  

As you can see in the first photo on the left above, Lidia's eye appears to be green. This is due to a thick yellow acidic over-lay covering her entire natural blue iris. Yellow and blue make green right! Makes sense. Without getting into the full nitty gritty of the metabolic terminology and to make a long story short. When our bodies are congested and inflamed we dont feel very good and we can see it in our eyes.  

Yellow generally represents kidney stagnation and acidity (Ph) inbalance. When we work to alkalize the body and support the bodies ability to detoxify amazing things can happen and we can feel wonderful. 

The second big thing that we can see in Lidia's eyes is the thick orange ring around her pupil. This is in the region that represents her digestive zone (stomach and colon). When we Iridologiest see orange we think of pancreas and blood sugar fluctuations. This doesn't necessarily mean someone has diabetes however it can mean they are consuming to much sugar and refined carbohydrates. To much processed sugar is a biggie for inflammation especially gut inflammation which is a big problem for healthy gut flora and healthy digestion. As you can see Lidia has a little more healing to do but in a short time so much can be achieved.  

When the body is inflamed we can feel sluggish have problems with fatigue, brain fog and just unknown general aches and pains. Clearing the body of acidity and opening up the channels of detox is something i am very pasionite about. When i see and hear the amazing results from my patients on a daily bases it makes my job that much more exciting and rewarding. Lidia's results are not rare this is what i hear every single day many times per day.

You don't need to feel miserable, join the healing movement and start feeling amazing in a short time. 

Thank you Lidia for your share.


What happens during an Iridology session?

The initial consultation takes around 1hr

  • Photo's of your iris are taken and projected on the big screen similar to the photo you can see here.

  • What i can see is discussed in great detail as we look at both eyes on the monitor.

  • I will discuss what each sign in your iris indicates and what it means in terms of your health and presenting symptoms.

  • A tailor treatment plan will be given to you including diet and supplement advice as well as emotional and spiritual inspiration. 

  • I with help and guide you every step of the way giving support between consultations on anything your not sure about.

  • You’ll leave the consultation empowered and connected to a deeper understanding of your health and emotions.

Iridology is the practice of studying iris fibre patterns and colours. Each body part and organ has a corresponding area in your iris. Iridologists interpret your iris signs to establish how your body is working, what your genetic inheritance dictates and what natural medicines may be the most appropriate to enhance your health.

This is done by examining the iris and taking high resolution digital iris photos, which are then saved for comparison to following photos as your treatment progresses. 

What’s the benefit of having an iridology consultation?

First, it will be one of the most empowering consultations you’ll ever experience in your life.

This iris landscape is interpreted by using a magnifying glass and an iris digital camera. As the iris is projected on the screen, and with insightful, positive and therapeutic interpretation, clients’ can instantly learn about a wide range of health, lifestyle and inherited health related factors.

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