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About Rebecca

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Registered ANTA member

Adv. Dip Naturopathy (ND), Cert. Crystal Healing (Syd), Dip. Sound Healing (Syd), Cert. Spiritual Healing (Syd)

My Story


From a young age I had always had an interest in health, with family being in the health care industry it was something I was always exposed to.

In 2004 I traveled to London spending 3 years living and working while exploring Europe. I spend this time soul searching with much time spent digging deep with in myself to find my purpose in life. It was here I meet my wonderful husband Ben who has taught me so much. 

I started my studies in an Advance Diploma of Naturopathy in 2010. Towards the end of my studies I was blessed with my son and then my little mini me, to which I dedicate my life to. 

Before my studies I had my own heath challenges and was on a healing journey both spiritually and physically. I had long suffered with digestive complaints and many aches and pains for which I could get no answers from medical doctors. 

My drive for wellness was strong and I would stop at nothing to feel as I knew I should and could feel.

I made it my mission to get well at all cost. 

The amount of information available regarding health can be so overwhelming, I found my journey so confusing, to say depressing is an understatement. 

By the time i had graduated my head full of knowledge and my body filled with health. I was determined to help others that were feeling like I had felt, confused, alone and helpless. 


If I can give to others one thing It would be the knowledge that we can be anything and everything in our wildest dreams, we only have to believe we can and never give up.

If you are feeling unsure and are like many others that have spend thousands of dollars trying different things to get well with no success. If you would like to get a better understanding about my treatment methods, make use of my free 20 minute in-clinic Iridology or 20 minute free in-clinic health assessment appointments via the booking page.


  • Advance Diploma of Naturopathy (Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, Perth - 2013)

  • Certificate in Iridology and Sclerology (Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, Perth - 2013)

  • Certificate of Crystal Healing (Nature Care Collage, Sydney - 2018)

  • Metaphysical and personal development (Soul Haven, Western Sydney - 2018)

  • Certificate in Spiritual Healing and Personal Development (Soul Haven, Western Sydney - 2019)

  • Diploma in Sound Healing (Sound Healing Academy, UK - 2019) 

  • Working with Children check - WWC1847531V

  • ANTA Member


  • Diet and Detoxification​

  • Digestive wellness

  • Food allergies & intolerance / Elimination diets​

  • Healthy cooking / meal planning​

  • Headaches / IBS and IBD​

  • Ulceritive colitis ​

  • Chronic ear, nose and throat infections​

  • Menopause symptoms​

  • Metaphysical organ, emotion analysis

  • Sound Healing - Biofield Analysis & Mapping

  • Iridology/ Sclerology​ - Including Metaphysical interpretation 

  • Crystal & Spiritual Healing 

  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) support

  • Diagnostic Testing

  • And much more

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