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Craig Lipnicki

Bec is like no other naturopath I have ever seen. She has been able to cure and reduce symptoms I have had from Autoimmune disease that no other doctor, specialist or naturopath has been able to do for many years. I think the simple title of "Naturopath" is misleading and her knowledge expands well beyond this field to include "Functional Medicine" and other science specialities. She is not a jaded worker who just hands out the standard advice and medication, she is genuinely concerned and interested in your individual symptoms and conditions. I myself have a Bachelor of Science and spend some time looking up my own symptoms and issues and she is always at least once step ahead of anything I can find in the scientific literature. I highly recommend you see Bec to receive advice and knowledge you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

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Deborah Kingswell

Before seeing Rebecca I had been suffering from horrible menopausal symptoms for over 6 months. I would wake in the night covered in sweat and struggle to get back to sleep. The worst part was the excessive hair loss, I was to scared to brush or wash my hair, I thought I was going to go bald. After seeing Rebecca the first thing I noticed was the night sweats and insomnia stopped. My hair took a little longer to stop falling out but after four weeks I was symptom free. Thank you Rebecca I feel myself again and my hair is growing back and looks thicker every month. South Penrith.

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Carlie Smith

I Enjoy my Naturopath appointments with Rebecca, learning more about my health and what is necessary in order to maintain it allowing me to feel more vibrant on a daily basis. Initially, I was going to Healing Within to increase my iron levels and get to the bottom of why it was low in the first place. After finishing the package consultations I not only have sufficient iron levels, but also am aware of other factors that I'm currently working on with Rebecca and feeling great.



Slavica Jelinek

My name is Slavica Jelinek and I am one of Healing Within many success stories. I had bad reflux and digestive issues. Since I saw Rebecca she has helped me a lot through diet and supplements. I felt the improvement straight away and I am still getting better in time. Rebecca is also very caring she took the time to listen to all my health issues. My daughter was very ill when she saw Rebecca and again I saw my daughter was getting better with Rebecca's treatment. I recommend anyone to go to Healing Within for many health issues.


Chris Serge

Excellent naturopath, basically saved my life.
I saw her for my reflux which i suffered for 7 years, with no help from docters she put me on a diet plan with some vitamins which i followed & my life has been better ever since, highly recommended & trusted.

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Brooke Fergusion

I’ve only had my second appointment with Rebecca, and after 4 years of dealing with gut issues, she has finally shed some light! After numerous doctor appointments and seeing specialists I felt hopeless and left disappointed as there were no answers. Rebecca takes the time to listen to you and explains everything in depth. I also have Hashimoto’s disease and I’m hoping to cure myself with Rebecca’s help along the way. I cannot wait to see what the future brings. Thank you so much for your positivity and knowledge, you inspire me!
Naturopaths have a bad wrap but I promise you won’t regret, I always walk out feeling like a weight has lifted off my shoulders!


Jen C

Rebecca is friendly, Knowledgeable & understands her patients needs. She is treating the cause my high cholesterol with the healing power of nature. I found my health & well being has improved. Also with the Iridology - U can pin point areas of the body that are having trouble.

Tropical Bird

Would highly recommend Rebecca! She certainly knows her stuff and has been such a huge help in a short time. Really grateful for better health since seeing Rebecca and looking forward to learning more from her.

Big Wave

Lisa Cartmen

I suffered so badly with a sinus condition i spent so much money on specialists and medications i was taking 5 different medications a day with minimal relief. After 2 visits with Rebecca the improvements in my health were immeasurable. she gave me my life back. I will be forever grateful.

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