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Detoxification in todays world

The importance of detoxification

Staying healthy in our modern world can be a challenge, is it any wonder our minds and bodies are pushed to edge of breaking with the onslaught of environmental toxins, like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food additives, drugs and pollutants on a day-to-day basis. Our bodies are designed to naturally eliminate toxins via our channels of elimination - skin, bowels and kidneys, however the air we breathe, water we drink and the food we eat can be an ongoing burden to these channels. For this reason it maybe wise to regularly support our bodies to detoxify with yearly cleanses, together with your care provider a detoxification program specifically designed to suit your bodies needs.

To make matters worse, most of us live under consistent high levels of mental and emotional stress than ever before, and exposed to more negative information, brought to us daily via the news on the TV and in the newspapers. A combination of factors conspire to affect our digestive health which makes up to 90% of our immune system. We find our nervous systems is also effected, this destroying the balance we require to enjoy good health and wellbeing.

How you know you need to detoxify:

Poor skin completion and outbreaks

Poor sleep - night waking or trouble falling asleep

Reflux and heart burn

Bloating and gas

Allergies and sinus

Bad breath




Muscle aches and pains


Alternating bowel - constipation and diarrhoea

Vitamin and herbal therapy together with a nutrient dense whole food diet and lifestyle alterations will allow your body to detoxify. As your system is cleansed of unwanted nasties, it is better able to function efficiently, you will notice current chronic symptoms gradually fading away.

Detoxification aims to:

Remove toxin exposure through dietary and lifestyle changes

Remove bad bacteria and waste from your digestive system

Renew your digestive lining and the healthy bacteria to improve your digestive function

Release your body’s toxins so that they can be eliminated safely

A natural detoxification program can be one of the most effective strategies for rapidly improving the state of your health. Detox rejuvenates our organs and tissues and puts a spring in our step and a sparkle in our eye.

Safety Precautions

Detoxification should not be attempted during pregnancy; however, it is ideal as part of a preconception program. If you fall pregnant while doing a detox you should stop the program and contact your Naturopath.

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