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My name is Rebecca I am a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. I initially chose this career out of a combination of sheer desperation to improve my own health challenges and a love of all things health. I understand what it's like to feel helpless against chronic disease and I believe I can help you find answers as I've been there! I've spent years dedicating my life to finding answers to signs and symptoms our body is trying to tell us, and I use a simple and highly effective approach to Naturopathic treatment at Healing Within, which yields proven results again and again. I have been successfully treating people with a wide range of conditions from IBS, Thyroid disease, Fatty Liver as well as Asthma, Eczema and Autoimmune, have a read what my patients are saying, on the patient Testimonials page.
My Naturopathic and Nutritional treatment approach is unlike other practioners. I bet you have heared the saying "treat the cause, not just the symptoms" many times. I understand it must be so confusing, expensive and just outright depressing to say the leased to be living with a chronic condition. Every condition is treatable if given the correct conditions, your body is designed to be well. With my knowledge and experience i can help you end the suffering and start living the life you dream free from whatever currently ails you.


Your initial consultation will be one hour long, in this time i will listern cafefully to your symptoms. This includes past and present signs the body is trying to tell you. A combination of clinical tools are used including Iridology, Sclerology, zinc testing as well as tongue and nail markings. Other pathology tests are ordered when I feel it is nessasary to confirm my findings. For example: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Liver function testing, Blood and Saliva testing, Food Allergy testing Etc. Together with this information an accurate understanding of whats happening inside of your body can be determined and will be explained to you. At the completion of this consulation you will be given diet changes if required as well as specific supplyments or herbs to balance the current condition.

A rollercoaster of chronic disease is not fun and trying a different supplyment each week can be expensive and ineffective at best and at times counter productive or dangerous. Let me help you understand what your body is telling you and end the expensive, endless supplyment purchases with no results.

Deborah Kingswell

Before seeing Rebecca I had been suffering from horrible menopausal symptoms for over 6 months. I would wake in the night covered in sweat and struggle to get back to sleep. The worst part was the excessive hair loss, I was to scared to brush or wash my hair, I thought I was going to go bald. After seeing Rebecca the first thing I noticed was the night sweats and insomnia stopped. My hair took a little longer to stop falling out but after four weeks I was symptom free. Thank you Rebecca I feel myself again and my hair is growing back and looks thicker every month. South Penrith.

Craig Lipnicki

Bec is like no other naturopath I have ever seen. She has been able to cure and reduce symptoms I have had from Autoimmune disease that no other doctor, specialist or naturopath has been able to do for many years. I think the simple title of "Naturopath" is misleading and her knowledge expands well beyond this field to include "Functional Medicine" and other science specialities. She is not a jaded worker who just hands out the standard advice and medication, she is genuinely concerned and interested in your individual symptoms and conditions. I myself have a Bachelor of Science and spend some time looking up my own symptoms and issues and she is always at least once step ahead of anything I can find in the scientific literature. I highly recommend you see Bec to receive advice and knowledge you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Craig, Perth, WA

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